Feedback about Our Work

It is so rare to find someone with Bob’s combination of skills.  He is an authoritative expert on many environmental topics.  He is a fair, balanced and mature journalist.  And he is an avid, creative and skillful practitioner of the art of filmmaking.

Fred Peabody ABC News, 20/20

Bob embodies the can-do spirit which people in Fiji found so encouraging in their own efforts to get a job done despite ubiquitous roadblocks.

Charla Hatton, Program Office USIA Democracy and Human Rights

I was lucky to have a professor at BU (Boston University), Robert Hooper, who was completely encouraging.
When I outlined my plans to send the film to cable networks, he replied
“Go for it.  send it everywhere.”….
He taught me many things, but BELIEVE IN YOURSELF was the biggest and best lesson.

Walter Santucci
The Guerrrilla Guide to Animation
Making films outside the mainstream
2009 New York: Continuum

In his seminars, Professor Hooper presented short selections from several of his previous works in the field of investigative journalism, including stories on a range of topics such as nuclear waste disposal, killer whale poaching, terrorism in Iraq, and tattoo art in Samoa, spanning nearly three decades of his career. Professor Hooper also led discussions on ethics in journalism and answered a number of questions from seminar participants on issues of current significance in Slovakia.

United States Embassy, Bratislava, Slovakia

Hooper is skilled at creating understanding of both sides of controversial issues

United States Embassy, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Having worked with Lao National TV before, Hooper is well-known to journalists, a source of encouragement for younger and more independent-minded journalists…..

American Embassy, Vientiane, Laos