“Bob illustrates his teaching with examples from his own nationally accepted work and commmunicates in a clear and understandable fashion, to a class including students with limited English proficiency… He is sensitive to the uniqueness of Samoa and its people……”

Fulifuili Taveuveu, Director, KVZK-TV,
Office of Public Information, American Samoa

Training for international broadcasters in:


television production
story development and scriptwriting
investigative reporting techniques
media ethics

Workshops in Conflict Assessment & Resolution

Conflict: The Role of Media

Bridging Cultural Divides

Interview techniques

Use of Multiple Sources

Working in Volatile Environments

Customized Programs for U.S. Visitors


Short programs for international broadcast professionals visiting the United States to provide an introduction to US broadcast organizations including Public (PBS) and commercial television.

Four week intensive training in Documentary Production for Professional Journalists

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Programs for Colleges and Universities

University courses in all aspects of film and television production and consultation services in the development of broadcast production curricula or tracks.

Courses at the undergraduate, graduate or professional level in media law, international peacebuilding and the media, communications and ethnic conflict, terrorism and the media.

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Other Courses

Investigative Journalism Techniques

Covering Ethnic Conflict and Violence

Terrorism and the Media

Press Coverage about Media Development Programs