Selected Filmography

Alaska’s Killer Whales

Produced and Written by Robert Hooper
Narrated by William Shatner

Award winning PBS documentary about conflicts between Tlingit Indians, federal agencies, fishermen, and Sea World over killer whales. Silver Apple Award, National Educational Film and Video Festival; CINE Golden Eagle. PBS National Schedule, 1989.

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Battle at Webber Creek

Producer and Director Robert Hooper


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Decisions at One Thousand Fathoms

Producer and Director Robert Hooper

Controversial television documentary exposing the impact of dumping of 89,000 barrels of nuclear waste into the ocean. EPA, 1981 KCSM-TV/PBS, 1982.

Portions of the film aired on CBC Fifth Estate.

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Uranium the Aftermath


Voices from Love Canal

Producer and Director: Robert Hooper
Documentary film featuring Lois Gibbs and a toxic chemical crisis. EPA, 1979.

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